For Those Of You With Accounts

I created a New London Fire group to fill the empty space in my heart.

There are also other Eyeball related groups including an official one here:

Both need memebers desperately so go and join. You know you want to.

On a side note, any of you pre-order I Sing The Body Holographic yet?

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alright, so here we go. new london fire on livejournal, open for business!

now if anyone would be so kind as to guide me into getting rid of that god forsaken navigation strip, because it's killing my layout.
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I Sing the Body Holographic

Dates you need to remember!

On August 8, 2006, New London Fire's 'I Sing the Body Holographic' is finally released. After a year and a half from actually recording it, you will be able to actually purchase the CD. It's an amazing CD, everyone should buy it when it comes out. =D

Also, to anyone who lives who lives in the NYC area. NLF is playing with Kiss Kiss and The Anthem on June 28 at Sin-e (when the date gets closer, directions and such shall be posted). Tickets are soon to be available and cost $8. Hope to see you there!

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