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but, Doctor, I am Pagliacci

so, everyone, i hope you all picked up a copy of I Sing the Body Holographic! I've had it since, say, early may and it's so amazing.

your loverly mods, katie & i, went to the cd release show and it was phenomenal.hugs, love, and drinks all around. we even hopped on stage to sing along to 'somewhere in between'. it was a great feeling. that being said, make sure you check them out at your local venues, it's sooooo worth it.

08/11/2006 08:00 PM
Magic Stick Detroit, MI 48201 - $10 adv
w/ Rediscover, Love Arcade (record release!)

08/12/2006 07:00 PM
Midwest Music Summit (Monon Coffee Co.)
920 E. Westfield Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46201 - FREE
The Midwest Music Summit
Monon Coffee Company Canal Stage
with: Treaty of Paris, Heart of A Failure, Anchor CLose, Husband & Wife and more!

08/13/2006 05:00 PM
The Ascot Room Minneapolis, MN 55400 - $8
w/ Rediscover, Love Arcade

08/14/2006 08:00 PM
The Journey Music, Madison, WI 53701 -
more info TBA - w/ Rediscover, Love Arcade

08/16/2006 08:00 PM
The Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL 60601 -
more info TBA - w/ Rediscover, Love Arcade

08/17/2006 08:00 PM
Headliner's, Toledo, OH 43601 -
more info TBA - w/ Rediscover, Love Arcade

08/18/2006 08:00 PM
The Lime Spider
207 S. Main St, Akron, OH 44301 - $5.00
The Down To The Wire Tour!
w/ Rediscover, Love Arcade

spread the love, and seriously, like promot the community.
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